How to Register for the 2018 HR Star Conference

After reading the all of the instructions that follow, simply click on the conference of your choice at the bottom of this page and complete the brief application form that follows.

Generally speaking, the HR Star Conference is free to attend if you are an employed HR professional from a qualified organization that has at least 100 employees, but there are four important exceptions:

1) If 4 or more people from your organization have already registered for free.
2) If you work for an organization with fewer than 100 employees.
3) If you are not an HR professional.
4) If your company is a potential exhibitor (examples include HR consulting, staffing, employee benefits, insurance, payroll, background investigations, HR software and similar others).

For determining the "4 for Free Rule" the domain name in your qualified work e-mail address is used. For instance, "" means that the first 4 approved registrations with the domain name "" in an e-mail address may attend for free while any others after that with the same "" domain name must register as paid attendees. Personal e-mail addresses and non-work e-mail addresses may never be used as a substitute and could lead to the disqualification of an entire organization.

If you fall into one of these four categories, then you will need to register as a paid-attendee. Please download and complete the paid-attendee form. It only costs $98/person to become a paid-attendee - and there are only 20-25 paid-attendee slots available per conference.

If you believe that you qualify for free admission, please read on.

We are able to offer this unique business model because the HR Star Conference is fully subsidized by a select number of exhibitors and sponsors. Note that we choose our exhibitors very carefully. They are all leaders in their respective fields and add value to the conference. Feel free to visit them during the breaks.

This is important: After you click on your preferred conference at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to the attendee registration form. Note that you are registering each attendee for the entire conference and do not need to register attendees for individual sessions. Sessions will be selected at the conference itself. When you arrive at the conference, you will receive the full agenda with all the rooms, times and details.

On the registration form only include qualified work e-mail addresses. Please do not register with personal e-mail addresses as these will be rejected. Also, do not abbreviate your company name on the form. Please type out the full name of your organization.

Please be sure to click the "Submit" button at the very bottom of the attendee registration form when completed.

After you submit your application for attendee registration, each applicant on the form will receive a separate approval/rejection e-mail within 72 hours. We reserve the right to refuse any attendee registration.

In the event that your application is not received by our office - and you do not receive the approval/rejection e-mail within 72 hours - please contact Braden Albert:

Now click a conference and apply to register your attendees: